Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was kinda impressed that my friend told me about this new way of ordering food in Kuching! Seems like everything in this world is computerized that now we can even order our food with just one click and it will be on the way to your door step. Wow! How amazing! With the rise of petrol nowadays, this is a smart way to save up your petrol. *smile* So people, check this out at http://www.greenbento.com/
Ordered Teriyaki chicken today. Not to say it's very yummy and it's already cold when it reaches my place but not bad! Healthy food! More than willing to try out more from their menu.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It's been ages since I update my blog. ;P Sorry! Was kinda busy with shop and that now I've finally fallen sick! *grins* Never mind, so I won't have the appetite to eat MORE & MORE! *laugh* Kuching life is boring, I miss SINGAPORE! *sob sob* I miss Orchard Road (uh-huh,my fav!), miss Bugis, miss Tampines and I miss my friends there but never mind, since I'm back, I shall not regret and should try my very best to make more money and pay the adorable SINGAPORE a visit (double shit!the exchange rate is sky-high,man)! *sob sob* Got to work really hard so people, please pay me a visit soon and make my dream come true! *laugh out loud* ;P

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why and what should I FLASH?

Went for foot reflexology at this place called Excellence (some where near Hock Lee) and saw this funny notice in the toilet. *lol* "Please flash after use" wondering what they wants us to flash? Our buttock? Why do we have to flash after use? *lol*

Anyway, not a very pleasant trip. The China-girl was very bad tempered. Don't know what's get on her nerve that she threw the towels on my sister and was talking to her rudely. Aren't people always say customer is always right? Or this phrase does not apply to China people? *sigh* My sister ended up walking out of the room asking for another girl. She was finally served by a nice cheerful Malaysian lady.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Terminal One

Today we specially dressed up for Core but who knows when we reaches there, it's FULL! *sigh* Better luck next week! *grins* Anyway, ended up at Terminal One and all of us are kinda disappointed because of a lot of "Ah Pek" there. *lol* It wasn't a crazy night but a rather peaceful night! Here's some photos to share:
The ladies!

ladies finger!

Err...this is suppose to be a group pic! *lol*

Did you notice Nyamuk Selina's boobs besides our pretty face? *lol*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another ladies nite...

Woohoo! Another crazy ladies night at the new pub in Kuching! Sorry! Forgot what it's called! Ermmm,nevermind! Anyway, nice atmosphere, nice people, nice waiter and waitress and it's fun, i mean so much FUN! We enjoyed ourselves to the max and everyone thinks that it's the most enjoyable ladies night out! *smile* Besides that, I couldn't believe we finished a bottle of Vodka Vanilla and comes another Chivas, no wonder everyone is pretty high! *lol* We've been dancing dancing and dancing as if we're the dancing queen that almost dance till we drop our pants! *lol* Hey, girlies, i am looking forward for another ladies night! Can't wait! Can't wait! *grins*

Two pretty ladies. Sorry, NOT AVAILABLE! *lol*


NOT AVAILABLE TOO! They loved each other! *smooch*

From left: Lalat Carey + Bee Joanna + Nyamuk Selina = Super loud! Let's BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!

Pretty women, walking down the street!

The two girls I loved so much! *hugs*

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another nail design...

Temporary tips with 3D nail arts and rhinestone design.

Closer look.

Mr Sia.

Just to entertain myself during the free time...had a good laugh about it! hehe...
Manicured hand with nail polish and flowers! Gay soon to be! *lol*

Model: Mr. Sia
Don't you think he look good in this picture? *lol* WooHoo!


YooHoo!Finally I can manage to have free time for badminton!Hmmm...after so long,man! *smile* Enjoy myself to the max and feeling so refreshing after that. Anyway, we paid RM 20 for a court. We did the maths for the owner *smile* being KEPO! There is 24 courts and let's say they have 2 session per night (2 hours per court), it would be RM 960 per night! (GOSH!it's per night ok,not per month!) RM 960 times 30 days would be RM 28800! OMG! Look at the figure! *grins* Anyone who has a field, make sure you don't waste it! =)
Nyamuk Selina & Lalat Carey

Nyamuk Selina: Peace!

Benny's sexy back!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HOT sunny day!

Brrr...today's weather is so fxxking damn hot that I've been hiding in the shop trying to avoid getting under the sun as well as my darling doggie. Try to spot her in the photos attached below:

Posing for me under the dining table.

Napping under the dining table. Lazy dog!

*lol* This is funny! I guess she is trying to tell me to let her in the fridge.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Match-making needed,NOT!

First of all, just letting everyone here know that I am good being a single woman. I have tons of friends to keep me occupied with lots of fun things to do and I am never bored. Friends has been trying to match make me with guys but hey, I don't want to be a desperado or even sound like a desperado. Meantime, I need most of my concentrations on work so I have no extra time for a man. 24 hours is too little that I sometime wish there is more time for me. I need to make more money to complete my desire for a pair of Uncle Jimmy Choo's shoe (just one pair will do for now), a trip to Hawaii *drool* (because I heard Hawaiian man are incredibly romantic), another LV bag and a superb cool looking car to bring me around. Yesh! I admit that my target is a bit high but no point setting a low target which easily hit, right? *lol* Anyway, I will not reject potential guys who can supply me with all the above mentioned. *evil laugh* Do drop by and ask for a application form and please remember to attach it with your pay slip or your "Bling! Bling!" bank statement. ;P


Hi everyone. How's life been? Sorry that I have not been updating my blog since erm...dunno when... *blushed* was busy with the roadshow at Hock Lee centre and the respond wasn't as good as I aspected. I remembered last time Hock Lee was always packed with shoppers but now it's a bit like a haunted house. *sigh* Business there has been quite too I guess due to many new shopping centres popping up. *sigh* So pity! Anyway, I still wanna thanked Joanna Lai for being such a great salesperson who helps me to sales talk the customers and Nyamuk Selina Lee who claimed that she is a "beauty" (yea...wannabe!) *lol* that attracts customers for me! Though, the result is not as good but we did successfully distribute quite a number of flyers. Besides the road show, business in shop is picking up too, real happy for that but a part of it, me and sister is always tired after the long day. *smile* Not to worry, we are slowly getting used of it, I have been hanging out with "The 3 Nas" finally. I know they missed me a lot *lol* So do I! Till then. Ciaos!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Road Show at Hock Lee Centre.

We are having a road show at Hock Lee Centre this coming Friday (20 June 2008), Saturday (21 June 2008) and Sunday (22 June 2008) from 11am - 8.30pm. Come and visit us for more promotions.

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach us at 012 880 0087 or 016 884 6688.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Manicure is no longer for the ladies only...

Many men are walking around these days with extremely well groomed nails. Now, most men pride themselves on their mucky, hard labour hands and they simply do not understand how these men can end up with perfect nails. Surely they have to be doing something differently? Well they are, and whilst it may have been completely abnormal many years ago, these days more and more men are turning to manicures. Why More and More Men Are Getting Manicures Done. In this day and age there is an obsession with looking good and it isn’t just the women who are worried about looking perfect! The modern day man is not ashamed to admit that he looks after himself. He uses moisturizer, he makes sure he is freshly shaven, and he even wears the occasional bit of concealer or foundation so it really comes as no big surprise that he also receives manicures too. Manicures really help to keep the nails trimmed and healthy, but not only that, it also helps to keep the skin of your hands beautiful too. Having a manicure really does help to take care of your personal hygiene, after all think of all of the things you do daily with your hands! You eat, you go to the toilet, you may shake hands with somebody and you have no idea where their hands have been! There is the potential to pick up a wide variety of diseases and they will all hide under your nails. Now that is bad enough but combine that with some men who chew their nails and you will realize that it is a potential disaster waiting to happen. It is thought that there are more germs under our fingernails than there is on a toilet seat so if you think of it like that, you really cannot blame men for having manicures! Manicures really do help improve our hygiene and they can stop various problems arising such as fungus nails and other nasty nail problems. Generally diseases occur in our hands when they are not properly looked after. A manicure thoroughly cleans the nail and the skin and when they are finished they look professional and healthy. So, it is really a good thing that men are taking more and more notice of their nails. After all, you wouldn’t want to date somebody who had disgusting, dirty nails would you! So overall although manicures do tend to be a cosmetic treatment, they can also be extremely good for the health of your hands.

History of manicure! How amazing...

No trip to the beauty salon would be complete without a manicure. From fancy, French tips to crazy acrylic designs, women have been enjoying this form of pampering for as long as anyone can remember. But how did the concept of the manicure come about in the first place? The history of the manicure is an interesting one so let’s get a quick crash course you won’t find in a history book. So how old do you think manicures are? A few decades? Not even close. A couple hundred years maybe? Nope. The concept of the manicure began over 5,000 years ago - talk about longevity! In India, women used henna in place of nail polish for their manicures. The practice quickly spread to other parts of the world. 4,000 years ago, the people of southern Babylonia turned to solid gold tools to achieve gorgeous nails - creating the whole process of the manicure. In China back in 3,000 BC, nail polish was developed and used to show a person’s social status, as well as the length of a person’s nails. The Dowager Empress of China always kept her fingernails extremely long. During the Ming dynasty, the favored shades of nail polish for the most elite were red and black. This practice of using nail polish colors to establish rank in society was also used in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti favored red nail polishes, with Cleopatra sporting deep red on her nails, while Queen Nefertiti opted for a ruby red shade. The women weren’t the only ones who turned to manicures. In both Rome and Egypt, commanders in the military painted their nails to match the color they wore on their lips before heading into battle. Babylonian noblemen were the most likely to use the special solid gold manicure tools to keep their fingernails in shape. The French manicure made its appearance around the 18th century in Paris. Its signature white tips and natural pink base quickly found favor with women and became extremely popular during the 1920s and 1930s. With the 20th century came the introduction of the acrylic manicure. Using artificial nails became a must for women who couldn’t grow long and healthy fingernails naturally. As time went on, professionals in the beauty industry began to modify and perfect the manicure in order to provide their customers with the best results and treatment. Manicures usually consist of filing, polishing and painting the nails - for those dealing with artificial nails, a manicure can include the application of the nails, as well as painting the design or applying small faux jewels. Acrylic nail designs can range from simple and elegant to colorful and outrageous. This allows each woman to express herself individually. For many years the paraffin treatment has also been used in manicures to relieve conditions that tend to target the hands such as muscle spasms, inflammation, and joint stiffness. This practice involves cleaning the hands and lightly massaging moisturizing lotion into the area and then dipping the hands into the melted paraffin wax. Once the wax starts to take hold of the hands, foil, plastic wrap or special gloves are placed over the hands to seal in the heat and moisture. After the paraffin has been allowed to cool for a few minutes, the paraffin wax will have penetrated deeply into the hands, leaving you with soft, smooth and incredibly pampered hands.

Part of designs and products.

International well-known brands. (Part of our products.)

International well-known brands. (Part of our products.)

Wide range of nail art designs to choose from.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's a great sucess!

First of all, thank you for paying us a visit. I really hope you enjoy yourself and sorry if there is any area we discomforting you. Today is a real busy day and it all started from 10.30am till 6pm, non-stop! Thank god that every appointment was sucessfully done and I finally had my shoulder down for a bit now. *smile* I specifically wants to thank Tracy who is being such a doll for offering help as a part time manicurist today, bless her for that! Without her, I really can't imagine how messy it would be. Thanks a million, babe! *hugs & kisses* After the whole exhausted day, all I can feel now is I am finally over the moon and it's been a great sucess for today! *smile* Anyway, I hope I can do my best to serve you better in future and now I need to go to pack things up and will be reporting to you soon. Night Night everyone. xoxoxo

Afther the whole entiring day...

Flowers from ALL! Thank you, they are so beautiful!

Dad is finally in hunger...

Our nail technicians

Polished Diva Nail Studio's family photo! YaY! (with peace!)

During the day...

Foods! (yummmm) ;P
Drinks stall!

Our well-trained manicurist is concentrating on her work.

Cuz, Gloria! *wonder* What is she talking about? *laughs*

Aunt Irene. The chairman of 18sx society. *giggles*

Pretty women having their pedicures done.

Concentrating in my work. *serious*

Hungry ghost! *laugh out loud*

Pedicure, pedicure and pedicure!

Some designs done on 15 JUNE 2008

Gel Inlay with glitters and 3D design.

Acrylic Extension with black inter-french & polka dots with 3D design.

Inter-frech in BLUE.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally it's gonna be over...

Hi all! How's your day? Hope it's been sunny yea. *smile* Tomorrow is our Grand Opening(Hint! Hint! Must come k?), I have been busy preparing the foods (yummmm!) and drinks and besides that, I want to take this opportunity to thank my adorable cousin, Gloria and her mum for giving us a very helpful hand. Thanks a zillion, cuz! *hugs* =) I will pray hard that nothing goes wrong tomorrow and hopefully there is no jamming on the appointments, which is kind of full and yes I am very grateful. *smile* Everyone! Don't be pai se lar, COME! COME! We are more than delighted to see you there. Anyway, I got to go potong the sausages, watermelons and bla bla bla! Call me The Big Chef! *evil laugh*